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Pam Anderson’s New Pixie Do: A Modest Change

Just when we were about to give away the Best Pixie Cut Award to none other than Beyoncé, a new entry in the category made us come to a halt. This year, the hot songstress is not the only one who donned the surprisingly fashionable Pixie Crop hairstyle. Pamela Anderson is on the same path and has managed to pull off a completely altered appearance with the considerable amount of hair she has chopped off; making her almost unrecognizable. The star had been glamorous for decades with one unique hair do and this cut has really toned her down to the “modest” look she was aiming for when she shared her views back in April.

Pam Anderson Pixie Crop Pam Anderson’s New Pixie Do: A Modest Change Pam Anderson’s New Pixie Do: A Modest Change cwww

Pam Anderson Pixie Crop (Photo Credits: www.eonline.com)

“I think I’m in charge of toning down my look or not,” Pam said. “I feel like as I’m getting older, this is my version of toned down and I like it.”

It’s not only her new hair cut that has changed her look; she has also gone through a complete makeover which is obvious from her choice of apparel that she was spotted in recently. In addition to the short hair, the former Baywatch star was seen wearing a cream colored cardigan, a striped dress and a pair of black flats.


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